Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chess Trap : Guioco Piano 4. O-O

This is a trap in Guioco Piano Opening where white plays 4. O-O instead of 4. c3 You can also play it move by move at the following link 4. O-O

Chess Trap : Guioco Piano - 8. ...Bxc3

This trap can possibly be applied when black takes the knight with his Bishop in the eighth move...(See diagram below)

Friday, September 12, 2014

End game : White to move and draw

End game : White to move and draw Sometimes, the first move that human brain doesn't accept is the solution !!

End game Puzzle : Bishop and Pawn

White to move and win Remember, if black's king reaches h8 square, then it is a draw, nothing can pull black's king out of the corner. I am not giving the solution here, leaving it for the reader to solve it. This puzzle teaches you to create a blockage using pawn and Bishop.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trap : Philidor's Defence 001

Trap : Alekhine's Defence 001

Trap : Caro Kann Defence 002

Trap in Caro Kann Defence

Trap in two knights defence 001

Trap in Ruy Lopez - 001

End game : White to move and win

It is white to move... Black's Bishop prevents the pawn from promoting.. White's strategy is to bring the bishop to b8, somehow, but black prevents that by Kb5-a6 and reaches a6 well in time...